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The internet domain is owned by the company Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., with offices at C/ Julián Camarillo 29, Edificio E2 planta 4ª, con el Código Postal 28037, and holder of Company Tax Code A-28457984, included in the Companies Register of Madrid under general volume 4423, 3621 of section 3 of the Companies Register, folio 20, page 34810,1st entry.

1. Use of this website

These general conditions regulate the functioning of the website,made available to the user by Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. The main purpose of the website is to offer information on our services and who we are. Using this website classifies the user as such and implies full acceptance by said user of the conditions of use of the website in force at the time of access. If the user does not agree to be bound by one or more of these conditions, he or she should refrain from using the website

Likewise, the user is not permitted to use the or the information contained therein for illegal purposes, or for purposes which do not comply with these general conditions, which infringe the rights or interests of third parties, or which in any other way may damage, render useless, overload or deteriorate the website or the information provided, or obstruct the normal usage or enjoyment of the website by other users.

The user shall refrain from obtaining information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, software or any other material accessible through the website or its services, using any other means than those provided or those which are generally used on the internet.

2.-Right to modify the website, restrict access to the website and suspend operation of the website:

Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation or configuration of the website as well as the information, services and conditions for use, or any other general or specific conditions, instructions or notifications which may apply. These modifications will be to improve user services in line with market trends. Likewise, Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or cease operation of the website or to restrict access, be it fully or partially, individually or collectively, temporarily or permanently, at any given time.

3.-Use of COOKIES uses cookies to offer easier browsing of its websites. These cookies allow for registered users to be recognised after they register for the first time so that they do not have to register again each time they visit.

A cookie is a small data file which is stored on the user’s computer, but cannot access information on the hard drive or cookies created by other service providers. Cookies allow us to tailor services and content for each user and measure web traffic for webpages. The information obtained through these cookies is anonymous; it cannot be associated with any particular user, nor does it identify him or her by name.

The user may configure his or her browser according to his or her own personal needs. The browser can be configured to offer a warning that cookies are being set and stop them being stored on the hard drive.

4.- It is free of charge to access and use the website:

Use of the website by the user is free of charge and does not require prior registration or subscription. Registration is only required when the user requests further information on an item of interest, chooses to send us his or her CV, requests that we send press releases or bulletins, or sends an email to contact us.


The website may, on occasion, provide users with technical linking devices such as links, banners and buttons, as well as directories and search tools to allow the user to access websites which are owned and/or managed by third parties. Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. does not offer or sell, directly or via third parties, the services available through the linked websites, nor does it control, supervise or approve the products, services, content, information, data, files or any other kind of material available on the linked sites.

Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. will therefore not be held responsible for information found outside this website which is not managed by

Users who wish to place a link or undertake any action on or relating to the website require prior authorisation from Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. Any other use, transferral to third parties, communication or disclosure of the content, be it full or partial, public or private, is prohibited. Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. reserves the right to take the corresponding civil and criminal legal action to demand compliance with this clause and to claim damages.

6.- Intellectual and industrial property rights.

The user recognises and accepts that all industrial and intellectual property rights pertaining to the content and/or any other element found on the website (including, but not limited to, brands, logos, trading names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flow charts, presentations, look and feel, audio and video), belong to Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. and/or third parties. In no case does accessing the website imply any kind of waiving, transferral, license or full or partial granting of said rights, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

7.- Liability disclaimer.

7.1.- Regarding the functioning of the website.

Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. does not guarantee the availability and ongoing functioning of the website and shall under no circumstances be held responsible for any damages derived from (i) the lack of availability or accessibility of the website or any sites to which links are provided, (ii) a suspension in the functioning of the website or IT problems, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloading of the telephone lines, the internet system or other electronic systems during its operation, (iii) failure of the website to meet a user’s specific needs, or (iv) any other damages caused by third parties via unauthorised interference outside of Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A.’s control.

Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., cannot guarantee that the website is free from viruses and other elements introduced by third parties that may cause alterations to users’ physical and logical systems or to the electronic documents and files stored in said systems. Under no circumstances shall it be held responsible for any damages of any kind arising from the presence of viruses or other elements that cause alterations to users’ physical and logical systems and electronic documents and files. Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., takes various measures to protect the website and its content against third-party attacks. However, Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., cannot guarantee that unauthorised third parties cannot gain access to the way in which the user uses the website or to the conditions, characteristics and circumstances under which the website was used. Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., shall therefore under no circumstances be held responsible for any damages arising from said unauthorised access.

7.2 Regarding use of the website.

Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., shall under no circumstances be held responsible for the way that users and/or third parties use the website, or for any damages that may arise from said use.

7.3 Regarding the content.

The website content is owned solely by Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., which makes said content available in good faith, observing the utmost professional quality standards. Nonetheless, Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., accepts no responsibility for any damages of any kind that may arise as a result of the information on the website being untrue, inaccurate, incomplete and/or out of date.

8.- Translation into other languages

The information and documentation available through the versions in English, Portuguese and other languages of the website is provided for information purposes only. In the event of discrepancies between the content in the English and Spanish language versions, the Spanish language version shall prevail.

9.- Governing law and jurisdiction

The provision of the website service and these conditions of use of the website are governed by Spanish law. For any discrepancy in terms of the performance, interpretation and fulfilment of these conditions, or of the relationship between the user and Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A., both parties expressly forego any other jurisdiction which may apply to them and voluntarily submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

10.- Policy on the protection and confidentiality of personal data provided freely and voluntarily by users:

All personal data provided voluntarily shall be included in our electronic files, in accordance with the Spanish Organic Law on Personal Data Protection. The sole, exclusive purpose of the automated collection and handling of personal data is to respond to requests for further information regarding a topic of the user’s interest, to select the user from among the candidates that send in their CVs to become part of our team, or to respond to an email the user has sent us. This information will be provided only to departments within Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A, always with the aim of efficiently performing the aforementioned tasks, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality at all times and ensuring that no unwanted advertising is sent.

The user must complete the fields listed below in order to send us their personal data.
CONTACT FORM: Name, surname(s), phone number, email address.
CV SUBMISSION FORM: Name, surname(s), town or city of residence, phone number, email address, nationality, qualifications.

The user has the right to access, cancel, rectify or oppose the personal data included in our records by sending a request to the email address or by attending the following address in person: Calle Julián Camarillo 29, Edificio E2 planta 4ª, con el Código Postal 28037.

The website has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures, in line with the level of data protection security required by law, to guarantee the safe handling of the data contained in its electronic files. However, the user must be aware that currently, internet safety measures are not invulnerable and as such, the information is not protected against illegal and undue intrusions. Ingeniería, Estudios y Proyectos NIP, S.A. would not be held responsible in such an event, as the company has acted with due diligence to protect the data in accordance with the law.

The website will endeavour to keep any information provided up to date. However, responsibility for the accuracy of the information falls to the owner of said information; if there is any modification to the data the website user shall advise the File Manager, who accepts no responsibility if the user does not fulfil his or her obligation to provide notification of changes.

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