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Provision of Field Services (expropriation) ENAGAS MEXICO

Description Customer and Project

Framed within the NG Transport Contract “Provision of Natural Gas Transport Services for the Federal Electricity Commission in the Tlaxcala. Puebla and Morelos States” in Mexico, since 2012 NIPSA has been carrying out the necessary Consultancy tasks to coordinate and supervise the works by third parties, for land acquisition and/or processing of permits by means of agreements or expropriations, indemnities during works periods, and generally for the process until obtaining the freeing of lands for successful execution of the works.

Tasks developed

The tasks to be carried out for supervision consultancy of the land acquisition process are:

  • Control and monitoring of all the works managed by the different works contractors.
  • Control and monitoring of payments, deeds, agreement of sums, etc.
  • Definition and monitoring of the detailed reports prepared by third parties.
  • Issuing of monthly reports including the monthly and accumulated progress of the works.
  • Necessary displacements to the works for supervising and control of the same.
  • Monitoring and support of the work developed by third parties.