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LPG REPSOL Technical Office

Description Customer and Project

Repsol, Spanish leading petroleum refinery, commercializes and distributes bulk LPG and via pipes in gaseous phase
It has LPG installations for the piped gas service, consisting of a storage centre, a distribution network and the necessary outlets. By regulation and due to exploitation needs, as-built documentation ahs to be created to reflect how this infrastructure has been built and to allow future study and localization. Repsol Butano has trusted the management of the mentioned as-built documentation to NIP, S.A.

The “Technical Office” basic service will consist of the organization, filing, updating, maintenance and availability of the REPSOL BUTANO documentation, in addition to making copies on paper and digital supports as required.

Tasks developed

  • Opening of the dossier for the industrial estate and township computer management.
  • Handling of As-built documentation.
  • Preparation of As-built drawings starting from field sketches and completion of databases.
  • Drawing Updating, integrations and modifications.
  • Obtaining cartographies.
  • Loading of elements into the book of tubes.
  • Relocation of networks with updated cartographies.
  • Drafting of sketches with CAD.
  • Copying of drawings.
  • Documentation delivery.
  • Returning of repeated drawing.
  • Provision of As-built drawings to third parties.