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Solar installation Valencia University

Description Customer and Project

NIPSA provides complete assessment to potential investors interested in construction of turnkey photovoltaic projects. This task includes contacting with possible investors, providing them with support from the initial activities until the correct start-up and production of energy, which includes adequate after-sales service.

The Valencia University solar installation is located in Avenida Blasco Ibañez No. 13 of Valencia. This project consists of installing solar panels on the roofs of different University Faculties in order to sell the generated energy to the distribution company grid.

The project includes the following installations

  • Lecture Hall 3 of Blasco Ibañez Campus.
  • Geography Faculty and Humanities Library at Blasco Ibanez Campus
  • Nursing Faculty Blasco Ibañez Campus
  • Dean’s Office and Science Library Burjassot Paterna Campus
  • Sports Centre Blasco Ibañez Campus
  • Psychology Faculty Blasco Ibañez Campus
  • Chemistry Faculty Burjassot Paterna Faculty
  • Pharmacy Faculty Burjassot Paterna Faculty
  • Physics Faculty Burjassot Paterna Faculty

Tasks developed

  • Financial assessment.
  • Processing of administrative procedures.
  • Provisioning of materials.
  • Requesting building license.
  • Construction project.
  • Works execution.
  • Start-up.
  • Activity license.
  • After-sales service.