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Bilbao Airport graphic information and projects

Description Customer and Project

AENA has developed the Graphic and Alphanumeric-standardizing system denominated DIACAE to regulate the characteristics and structure of the AENA Graphic Environment and likewise establish the specifications and regulations to be followed for interchanging information between AENA professionals and the companies that develop their works using AutoCAD.

NIPSA has participated in different airports in the transformation to DIACAE of the existing graphical information. In Bilbao Airport, we developed Support technical assistance for Updating and Improvement of the Graphic Information and writing of projects for diverse installations.

Tasks developed

  • Graphic Database verification, updating and improvement.
  • Inventorying of Bilbao Airport Rainwater and Sewerage Networks.
  • Land Survey of the Services Gallery between the Electricity Substation and the Old Terminal Building.
  • Land Survey to a 1:250 scale of the Purifier and accesses.
  • Preparation of the Project for connection of the south area buildings to that of the Community Sewerage .
  • Access control extension and fire detection project for the Bilbao Airport Galleries.
  • Security conditions improvement project for the services galleries and central core of the installations.
  • Taking of Dumping samples and preparation of the documentation attached to the Request for Dumping.
  • Authorization of Rainwater and Sewerage from Bilbao Airport.