Digital cartography in Costa Rica

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Digital cartography in Costa Rica

Description Customer and Project

The Republic of Costa Rica using funds from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) decided to carry out a complete land-registry creation project for all the premises existing in the country and the compatibility of that information with the registry of real estate. To achieve the objective, the first step was to have modern cartography with an adequate scale.

The scope of the works consists in the production of Orthophotos and digital Cartography at 1:5,000 scale of 5,106,729 Hectares and at 1:1,000 scale of 305,077 Hectares for completing and updating the Costa Rica Rural and Urban Land Registry.

Tasks developed


  • Analysis of photogrammetric flight information supplied by the contractor.
  • Planning and execution of topography field support missions.
  • Planning and execution of aerial-triangulation. Planimetric and altimetric restitution.
  • Field revision, recompiling toponyms and interesting data
  • Preparation of the Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Generation of Orthography. Orthoprojection, radiometric balancing
  • Edition, plotting and final delivery