Adaptation of the DIACAE Graphic Information (AENA-Madrid,Barajas)

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Adaptation of the DIACAE Graphic Information (AENA-Madrid,Barajas)

Description Customer and Project

AENA has developed the Graphic and Alphanumeric-standardizing system denominated DIACAE to regulate the characteristics and structure of the AENA Graphic Environment and likewise establish the specifications and regulations to be followed for interchanging information between AENA professionals and the companies that develop their works using AutoCAD.

The project consisted of recompiling the existing Graphic Information in the Madrid Barajas Airport, and mainly coming from the Barajas Plan and adapting it to the DIACAE owner format. The final objective is the unification and standardization of the information for later loading into a corporate GIS.

Tasks developed

  • Recompiling of the existing graphic information in Barajas airport: Drawings, sketches, diagrams, etc.
  • Validation of the integrity between the graphic and alphanumeric information and identification of old information.
  • Revision in the airport of ambiguous or incomplete information.
  • Addition of data obtained from the airport and its physical installations.
  • Loading into CAD, with DIACAE format of the layers corresponding to the capture information.