Drinking water supply system for Tômbwa city

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Drinking water supply system for Tômbwa city

Description Customer and Project

The National Indicative Programme was signed on 5th February 1998 between the Angolan Government and the European Commission manifesting the political will of the European Commission to support the renovation actuation of the drinking water and sewerage infrastructures in Angola.

Later the European Commission received a request from the National Authorising Officer for intervention in the renovation and expansion of the current drinking water supply for Tômbwa city, including the installation of new infrastructures in order to improve its current capacity and therefore resolve the current shortage problems, as well as resolving the problem of increasing medium and long-term water demand.

NIP, S.A. participated as consultant in modernizing the Tômbwa city supply system.

Tasks developed

Technical Area:

  • Organization of a land registry system for the existing water distribution infrastructures.
  • Supervision of the renovation / construction works for deep water table wells, aqueducts and storage tanks.
  • Support to the processing of domestic sewerage and wastewater, as well as the later correct “purification” limiting environmental damage.
  • Correct operation and maintenance of the new water supply system, including the organization of administrative services and storage.
  • Implementation of a system assuring water quality in the grid.
  • Implementation of a technical management system.

Administrative and Financial Area:

  • Support to the creation of the UGAST organic statute.
  • Introduction of a commercial management administrative and accounting system suitable for the new water supply .system and for a more efficient organizational structure.
  • Analytical study of rates in the framework of a cost recuperation policy.
  • Identification of the UGAST services, which can be subcontracted to local private companies.
  • Preparation of the UGAST human resources development programme

Commercial Area:

  • Preparation of grid connection contracts
  • Implementation of a new and efficient recollection and volume system.

Training Area:

  • “In situ” training of the UGAST human resources in computerized commercial management of services, as well as system operation and maintenance.
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals.