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Electrical Engineering-ENDESA

Electrical Engineering-ENDESA

Description Customer and Project

Endesa is the leading company of the Spanish electricity sector. Its main business is the production, transport, distribution and commercialization of electricity.

NIP, S.A. has been contracted to perform MV/LV Technical Assistance and Engineering in the Catalonia Area.

Tasks developed

The services applied to medium and low voltage grids are grouped as follows:

  • Studies to attend to requests for new supply and extensions to the grid.
  • Studies to attend for branch requests.
  • Studies for grid development.
  • Projects for legalizing and/or executing grid extension or modification installations.
  • Services related to execution control of installations, like quality controls and safety, works supervision and management.
  • Processing permits and authorizations (official and private).
  • Complete MV/LV works management.
  • Regulatory revisions of MV/LV installations.
  • Health and Safety coordination.
  • Digitalization and custody of documentation .
Supervision and Monitoring for transport lines in ANGOLA

Supervision and Monitoring for transport lines in ANGOLA

Description Customer and Project

The Empresa Nacional de Electrcidade, Empresa Publica (E.N.E.) as the company responsible for transporting and distributing electricity in the area, hired NIP, S.A. as Consultants for the following construction works supervision:

  • 220 kV transport line, between the Cambambe and Gabela 2 (Kwanza Sul) substations in Luanda.
  • 400 kV transport line between the Catete (System associated to the Cambambe 2 Plant) and Cambambe in Lunada substations.

The construction of these two transmission lines is to strengthen and improve the Angola Transport grid, with the objective of improving the basic infrastructures for developing the country.

Tasks developed

The following services were provided by NIP, S.A. personnel:

  • Assistance to Project Director
  • Design revision and updating.
  • Construction works supervision and certification of payments to the Contractor.
  • Preparation of progress reports.
  • Certification of construction works and start-up of the substations.
  • Revision and acceptance of contractors, reclamations and requests.
META Project for IBERDROLA Hydraulic Plants

META Project for IBERDROLA Hydraulic Plants

Description Customer and Project

NIPSA has actively participated in the META Project (Exploitation, Remote control and Automation Improvement by IBERDROLA to improve production at its Hydroelectric Plants, performing improvement works in the following Plants:

Duero river basin

  • Aldeadávila I and II (1,139 MW)
  • Villarino (810 MW)
  • Saucelle I and II (525 MW)
  • Ricobayo I and II (283 MW)
  • Soutelo (215 MW)
  • Villalcampo I and II (206 MW)
  • Castro I and II (189 MW)
  • Valparaíso (70 MW)
  • Cernadilla (38 MW)

Tajo river basin

  • José María de Oriol (934 MW)
  • Cedillo (473 MW).
  • Valdecañas (225 MW)
  • Azután (180 MW).
  • Torrejón (129 MW).
  • Gabriel y Galán (110 MW).
  • Guijo de Granadilla (52 MW)
  • Valdeobispo (50 MW).
  • Cortes-La Muela (908MW).
  • Cofrentes (124 MW).
  • El Picazo (21 MW).

Jucar river basin:

  • Agavanzal (24 MW).

Tasks developed

The services provided for this project consisted of:

  • Basic Engineering.
  • Developed Engineering.
  • Detailed Engineering.
  • Works and Assembly Engineering.
Gas Distribution Networks Inspection Services and Construction Project-NATURGAS

Gas Distribution Networks Inspection Services and Construction Project-NATURGAS

Description Customer and Project

Naturgas Energía Distribución, S.A.U. has contracted our services for defining the layout, materials and diameter of the piping, accessories and valves, as well as the necessary design and construction criteria top guarantee the supply of natural gas in the historic municipalities of Araba (10%), Gipuzkoa (70%) and Bizkaia (20%).

In addition, we have performed Works supervision and Management for the gas natural distribution network channelling in these municipalities.

Tasks developed

To define the layout:

  • Authorization projects for installations.
  • Gas natural piping construction projects.
  • Requesting permits from different bodies.
  • Modification proposals for the high-pressure natural gas distribution network layout.
  • Conversion project for the existing propane network to natural gas
  • .Project for replacement of the grey forged piping with PE.

For Management and Supervision:

  • orks supervision (layout, works monitoring and measurements).
  • Documentation correction.
  • Processing permits with different bodies.
  • Legalization of dossiers.
  • Certification with the contractors.
  • Coordination of gas set-up with Maintenance dept.
TELEFONICA FTTH Optic Fibre Cable Network Deployment

TELEFONICA FTTH Optic Fibre Cable Network Deployment

Description Customer and Project

Customers like Cobra Instalaciones y Serv. S.A, Comfica Soluciones Integrales, S.L., EZENTIS, Grupo STC Sistemas de Telecomunicación y Control, or Corning Cable Systems, S.L. have trusted in the experience of NIPSA to carry out engineering services for deploying the Telefonica optic fibre cable network (external plant) in Catalonia, Madrid, Basque Country or the Canary Islands.

Permit management, Layouts and Projects for implementing the TELEFONICA cable telecommunications network. Definition of layouts, OF network design, civil works and power supply of Terminal Nodes for more than 100,000 houses.

Tasks developed

  • Rights of way permit management in communities.
  • Administrative project for local licenses.
  • Technical visits and preparation of drawings for the definition of layouts and siz¬ing of the distribution network.
  • Preparation of the construction Project, civil works, Fibre installation and connection.
  • Updating of the layout and other information about the Telefonica GIS system called Planex.
Consultancy, Engineering and Tech. Assistance Garoña Nuclear Plant

Consultancy, Engineering and Tech. Assistance Garoña Nuclear Plant

Description Customer and Project

Continuously since 1922, NIP, S.A. has provided different technical assistance services in consultancy and engineering for the exploitation of the nuclear plant Sta. Mª de Garoña as well as technical assistance services for the infrastructure and maintenance of the same.

Tasks developed

We can highlight the following technical assistance in consultancy and engineering services:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Services.
  • Mechanical Engineering Services.
  • Technical Consultancy Services.
  • Seismic Tests / Equipment Qualification.
  • Training Services.
  • Long Term operation services.
  • Planning Services.

And related to technical assistance for maintenance infrastructure:

  • Maintenance Types.
  • Calibration files.
  • Updating of technical databases, documentary management and file control.
  • Grouping of simultaneous loading stoppages.
  • Procedure creation and revision.
  • Monitoring of maintenance Regulation.
Solar installation Valencia University

Solar installation Valencia University

Description Customer and Project

NIPSA provides complete assessment to potential investors interested in construction of turnkey photovoltaic projects. This task includes contacting with possible investors, providing them with support from the initial activities until the correct start-up and production of energy, which includes adequate after-sales service.

The Valencia University solar installation is located in Avenida Blasco Ibañez No. 13 of Valencia. This project consists of installing solar panels on the roofs of different University Faculties in order to sell the generated energy to the distribution company grid.

The project includes the following installations

  • Lecture Hall 3 of Blasco Ibañez Campus.
  • Geography Faculty and Humanities Library at Blasco Ibanez Campus
  • Nursing Faculty Blasco Ibañez Campus
  • Dean’s Office and Science Library Burjassot Paterna Campus
  • Sports Centre Blasco Ibañez Campus
  • Psychology Faculty Blasco Ibañez Campus
  • Chemistry Faculty Burjassot Paterna Faculty
  • Pharmacy Faculty Burjassot Paterna Faculty
  • Physics Faculty Burjassot Paterna Faculty

Tasks developed

  • Financial assessment.
  • Processing of administrative procedures.
  • Provisioning of materials.
  • Requesting building license.
  • Construction project.
  • Works execution.
  • Start-up.
  • Activity license.
  • After-sales service.
Bilbao Airport graphic information and projects

Bilbao Airport graphic information and projects

Description Customer and Project

AENA has developed the Graphic and Alphanumeric-standardizing system denominated DIACAE to regulate the characteristics and structure of the AENA Graphic Environment and likewise establish the specifications and regulations to be followed for interchanging information between AENA professionals and the companies that develop their works using AutoCAD.

NIPSA has participated in different airports in the transformation to DIACAE of the existing graphical information. In Bilbao Airport, we developed Support technical assistance for Updating and Improvement of the Graphic Information and writing of projects for diverse installations.

Tasks developed

  • Graphic Database verification, updating and improvement.
  • Inventorying of Bilbao Airport Rainwater and Sewerage Networks.
  • Land Survey of the Services Gallery between the Electricity Substation and the Old Terminal Building.
  • Land Survey to a 1:250 scale of the Purifier and accesses.
  • Preparation of the Project for connection of the south area buildings to that of the Community Sewerage .
  • Access control extension and fire detection project for the Bilbao Airport Galleries.
  • Security conditions improvement project for the services galleries and central core of the installations.
  • Taking of Dumping samples and preparation of the documentation attached to the Request for Dumping.
  • Authorization of Rainwater and Sewerage from Bilbao Airport.
Improvement of the Managua International Airport

Improvement of the Managua International Airport

Description Customer and Project

Design for Expansion and Improvement of the Managua International Airport Runway, Taxing lanes, and Boarding Platforms.


Tasks developed

Construction Project for runway expansion:

  • Land Survey.
  • Geological and geotechnical studies.
  • Hydrological studies.
  • Geometric design of the runway, taxiing lanes and platform.
  • Structural design and solution to increase runway capacity.
  • Electrical system design, beacon system.
  • Identification and elimination of obstacles.
  • Estimates and action plan.
Madrid Community MIES project

Madrid Community MIES project

Description Customer and Project

The Information and Communication Technologies Improvement and Modernization Plan were developed in all the Madrid Community Secondary Education Centres with the main objective of improving their educational quality by actuations on the Information and Communication Technologies Infrastructures of each centre.

NIP, S.A. participated in the execution of Structured Cabling projects. 21 Projects in Madrid Capital and 47 in Municipalities.

Tasks developed


  • Reorganization visit and recompiling of network points, computer and communications equipment inventory.
  • Preparation of diagnosis report, including draft project with complete solutions for each institute.
  • Preparation of construction project for Voice and Data networks structural cabling of the institutes, as well as of the LV electricity grid associated to the computer and communications equipment.