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Documentary management and technical assistance for the Cofrentes Nuclear Plant

Documentary management and technical assistance for the Cofrentes Nuclear Plant

Description Customer and Project

NIP, S.A. started working in the Cofrentes N.P. in 1980 in the Maintenance Technical Office providing technical assistance for the implementation of its SAP documentary Management System. Since 2011, it also performs support activities for the Fire Probability Analysis of the Cofrentes N.P.

Tasks developed

  • Programming Maintenance Plans according to the Plant Condition in the Management System.
  • Managing daily tasks and Security Labels related to Operation / Maintenance, before starting execution of the works.
  • Works management and security labels according to the Re-charging Plan before executing the works and finalizing the same.
  • SAP Maintenance Management Assistance.
  • Configuration Control Assistance.
  • Maintenance Technical Office Assistance.
LPG REPSOL Technical Office

LPG REPSOL Technical Office

Description Customer and Project

Repsol, Spanish leading petroleum refinery, commercializes and distributes bulk LPG and via pipes in gaseous phase
It has LPG installations for the piped gas service, consisting of a storage centre, a distribution network and the necessary outlets. By regulation and due to exploitation needs, as-built documentation ahs to be created to reflect how this infrastructure has been built and to allow future study and localization. Repsol Butano has trusted the management of the mentioned as-built documentation to NIP, S.A.

The “Technical Office” basic service will consist of the organization, filing, updating, maintenance and availability of the REPSOL BUTANO documentation, in addition to making copies on paper and digital supports as required.

Tasks developed

  • Opening of the dossier for the industrial estate and township computer management.
  • Handling of As-built documentation.
  • Preparation of As-built drawings starting from field sketches and completion of databases.
  • Drawing Updating, integrations and modifications.
  • Obtaining cartographies.
  • Loading of elements into the book of tubes.
  • Relocation of networks with updated cartographies.
  • Drafting of sketches with CAD.
  • Copying of drawings.
  • Documentation delivery.
  • Returning of repeated drawing.
  • Provision of As-built drawings to third parties.
Supervision Benfica- Futungo ANGOLA

Supervision Benfica- Futungo ANGOLA

Description Customer and Project

The Angolan Energy and Water Ministry (MINEA) has trusted in the experience of NIP, S.A. to execute the Consultancy, Supervision and Monitoring Works of the contracts and subcontracts for the execution of adduction works between the Benfica condominium and the Furungo de Belas condominium

Tasks developed

The works carried out by our work team consisted of:

  • Supervision of contracts and subcontracts for execution of the works.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the works construction phases.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the acquisition and installation of materials and equipment .
  • Customer assessment for acceptance of the finished works.
  • Monitoring compliance with the mitigation measures in the Environmental Impact Study .
  • Health and Safety Assessment.
  • Processing of documentation generated in the development of Services
Provision of Field Services (expropriation) ENAGAS MEXICO

Provision of Field Services (expropriation) ENAGAS MEXICO

Description Customer and Project

Framed within the NG Transport Contract “Provision of Natural Gas Transport Services for the Federal Electricity Commission in the Tlaxcala. Puebla and Morelos States” in Mexico, since 2012 NIPSA has been carrying out the necessary Consultancy tasks to coordinate and supervise the works by third parties, for land acquisition and/or processing of permits by means of agreements or expropriations, indemnities during works periods, and generally for the process until obtaining the freeing of lands for successful execution of the works.

Tasks developed

The tasks to be carried out for supervision consultancy of the land acquisition process are:

  • Control and monitoring of all the works managed by the different works contractors.
  • Control and monitoring of payments, deeds, agreement of sums, etc.
  • Definition and monitoring of the detailed reports prepared by third parties.
  • Issuing of monthly reports including the monthly and accumulated progress of the works.
  • Necessary displacements to the works for supervising and control of the same.
  • Monitoring and support of the work developed by third parties.
Energy Optimization Plans for Different Provincial Councils

Energy Optimization Plans for Different Provincial Councils

Description Customer and Project

Over the last years, many Spanish municipalities have experimented important increase in public and private energy consumption. Different studies have revealed that reasonably priced energy saving and efficiency actuations can be introduced to obtain more than 20% savings.

For that reason, some Provincial Councils, like Salamanca or Seville, have ordered several Energy Optimization Plans from NIPSA for the municipalities where the saving can be higher, in order to improve efficiency of the same.

Consultancy for preparation of Energy Optimization Plans has been carried out in the following municipalities:

  • Salamanca Province: Ciudad Rodrigo, El Payo, Fuenteguinaldo, La Fuente de San Esteban, Sancti-Spiritus, Fuentes de Oñoro, Lumbrales, Vitigudino and Gallegos de Argañán with a combined population of about 26,006.
  • Seville Province: Cantillana, Constantina, Gerena, Almadén de la Plata, Alanís de la Sierra, San Nicolás del Puerto, Villaverde del Río, Las Navas de la Concepción, and El Pedroso with a combined population of about 36,330.

Tasks developed

  • Inventory of energy equipment and installations both in public lighting grid and traffic lights as well as other municipal offices and installations. Development of an information system for element management and localization.
  • Tariff analysis. Recompilation of municipal electricity bills and making a study to optimize electricity supplies. Development of computer tools to help managing and optimizing supplies.
  • Energy diagnostics in public lighting and traffic light installations. Preparation of an energy study for each public lightening and traffic light control centre. Development of computer tools to help managing and optimizing installations.
  • Energy diagnostics in municipal dependencies. Preparation of an energy audit for each municipal dependency.
  • Actuation Plan. After detecting the measures for improving electricity billing, public lighting, traffic lights, and municipal dependencies, preparation of a Partial Plan for Energy Actuations including the analysed measures and classifying them according to economic, energy and environmental criteria. The Plan includes the works project for each measure to be taken, its estimate, indicating the characteristics / quality of the equipment to be installed.
  • Training of municipal technicians in energy saving matters and in management tools designed for monitoring actuations and municipal energy elements.
  • Training in energy efficiency and renewable energies by means of giving a course aimed at titled technicians.
  • Promotion of good energy use at home by means of diffusion campaigns in the press, publishing of leaflets, and a book summarising the work and conclusions reached.
  • Promotion for carrying out energy saving actuations in the municipality
Alberca Programme.  Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Alberca Programme. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Description Customer and Project

This project identifies, organizes and classifies documents for registry in the Duero Hydrographical Confederation Registry for General Use of Public Water, as well as the administrative dossiers for processing the usage existing in the physical files or computer systems of this body.

All the information existing in the files and the technical project have been consulted and analysed and the information recompiled from the physical and computer files has been related to the different registrations in the General Register of Public Water Usage, focussing on those aspects that can help the identification of usage, like for example:

  • The initial usage title and the successive changes of the same until now.
  • The geographical situation of the usage.
  • The characteristics with which the usage right was granted or recognized.
  • The modifications of the usage characteristics throughout its history.

 Tasks developed

  • Study and organization of the information corresponding to the usage.
  • Cartography of the dossier outlets and usage.
  • Reconnaissance visit to the usage.
  • Updating of owners and rights files.
  • Previous proposal report.
  • Proposal report, derived initiation and delivery .
  • Inclusion in the public water registry book .
  • Ownership change procedure.
  • Cancellation of rights procedure.
  • Loading of database and Geographical.
  • Information System..
Consultancy, Engineering and Tech. Assistance Garoña Nuclear Plant

Consultancy, Engineering and Tech. Assistance Garoña Nuclear Plant

Description Customer and Project

Continuously since 1922, NIP, S.A. has provided different technical assistance services in consultancy and engineering for the exploitation of the nuclear plant Sta. Mª de Garoña as well as technical assistance services for the infrastructure and maintenance of the same.

Tasks developed

We can highlight the following technical assistance in consultancy and engineering services:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Services.
  • Mechanical Engineering Services.
  • Technical Consultancy Services.
  • Seismic Tests / Equipment Qualification.
  • Training Services.
  • Long Term operation services.
  • Planning Services.

And related to technical assistance for maintenance infrastructure:

  • Maintenance Types.
  • Calibration files.
  • Updating of technical databases, documentary management and file control.
  • Grouping of simultaneous loading stoppages.
  • Procedure creation and revision.
  • Monitoring of maintenance Regulation.
Drinking water supply system for Tômbwa city

Drinking water supply system for Tômbwa city

Description Customer and Project

The National Indicative Programme was signed on 5th February 1998 between the Angolan Government and the European Commission manifesting the political will of the European Commission to support the renovation actuation of the drinking water and sewerage infrastructures in Angola.

Later the European Commission received a request from the National Authorising Officer for intervention in the renovation and expansion of the current drinking water supply for Tômbwa city, including the installation of new infrastructures in order to improve its current capacity and therefore resolve the current shortage problems, as well as resolving the problem of increasing medium and long-term water demand.

NIP, S.A. participated as consultant in modernizing the Tômbwa city supply system.

Tasks developed

Technical Area:

  • Organization of a land registry system for the existing water distribution infrastructures.
  • Supervision of the renovation / construction works for deep water table wells, aqueducts and storage tanks.
  • Support to the processing of domestic sewerage and wastewater, as well as the later correct “purification” limiting environmental damage.
  • Correct operation and maintenance of the new water supply system, including the organization of administrative services and storage.
  • Implementation of a system assuring water quality in the grid.
  • Implementation of a technical management system.

Administrative and Financial Area:

  • Support to the creation of the UGAST organic statute.
  • Introduction of a commercial management administrative and accounting system suitable for the new water supply .system and for a more efficient organizational structure.
  • Analytical study of rates in the framework of a cost recuperation policy.
  • Identification of the UGAST services, which can be subcontracted to local private companies.
  • Preparation of the UGAST human resources development programme

Commercial Area:

  • Preparation of grid connection contracts
  • Implementation of a new and efficient recollection and volume system.

Training Area:

  • “In situ” training of the UGAST human resources in computerized commercial management of services, as well as system operation and maintenance.
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals.
Expropriation Management of High Speed lines and level crossings-Renfe/Adif

Expropriation Management of High Speed lines and level crossings-Renfe/Adif

Description Customer and Project

Nipsa has collaborated with Renfe/Adif since 2001 managing the assets and rights for expropriation for new lines (High-Speed) and for the modification of existing ones for improvement (Level Crossings).

Highlighting among the projects:

  • Malaga-Cordoba High-Speed Line.
  • Madrid-Levante High-Speed Line.
  • Basque country High-Speed Line.
  • Abolition of Level Crossings in the entire country.

Tasks developed

  •  Recompilation and analysis of the start-off information.
  • Updating of the cartography and preparation of any inventory of assets and affected rights.
  • Evaluation of assets and affected rights.
  • Calling and preparation of previous and occupational minutes.
  • Technical and legal assistance during the expropriation process (mutual agreements, allegations, Appraisal sheets, valuations, Payment certificates, etc.
  • Closing of dossiers and delivery to Adif.